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Visionary Magazine

Terms and Conditions


Submissions & Holding Rights

Visionary Magazine is open to all mediums of art including but not limited to writing, photography, painting, drawing, architecture, sculpture, etc. When submitting a piece, MJF Creative does not hold the rights to your work. If your piece is showcased and featured in an issue of Visionary Magazine, you may still submit that piece to other publications and/or use it for professional/personal usages without penalization.



MJF Creative is a small business, meaning we are currently unable to provide a payment compensation for works being featured in our magazine; however, as of now, each person featured in an issue of Visionary Magazine will receive a free copy upon publication. Artists may choose to purchase copies further for retail price.


Re-Submissions & Features

If you have submitted to Visionary Magazine and your work was not accepted, you may not submit again to another issue with the same piece; your submission will automatically be disregarded.

However, there is no limit to the amount of times an artist can submit and be featured in Visionary Magazine. If your work has previously been featured in an issue of Visionary Magazine, you may still submit again in future issues using different pieces.

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